Rail Safety Statement

We believe in and support the following Safety Statement of Network Rail
The commitments contained in our Health and Safety Statement apply to everyone who works on the railway.

Our Vision
Everyone Home safe every day

Our Belief
Outstanding safety performance and outstanding business performance

Our Personal Commitments

Safety is a core value and key to our success.  Whether you are an employee, contractor or subcontractor, by delievering on our commitments we will achieve outstanding performance.  This is how we will deliver a better railway for better Britain.

  • Safe behaviour is a requirement of working for Network rail
  • We will always comply with our Lifesaving rules
  • We will plan work to ensure that it can be done safely
  • Our work environments will be tidy and we will leave them tidy when we’ve finished
  • We will ensure people have the skills and the equipment required to work safely
  • We will stop work if it cannot be done safely
  • We will personally intervene if we feel a situation or behaviour might be unsafe
  • We will use the close calls procedure to report unsafe bahaviours and condition
  • We will use fair culture principles to investigate incidents and learn lessons to prevent them occuring
  • We will relentlessy strive to find new ways to keep ourselves, colleagues, passengers and public safe
  • We will design, construct, inspect, operate and maintain the railway to keep everyone safe
  • Safety leadership is key to how we assess our people’s performance and readiness for progression.
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