Personal Track Safety (PTS)

Introduction to Personal Track Safety (PTS AC/DCCR)
This is the entry level qualification for anyone who wishes to work in the rail industry. If you expect your work to involve maintenance or repair of the track or affect track geometry then you would need an extra level of competency. Please see TRACK INDUCTION. This document specifies the subject matter to be covered in the course and gives guidance on how it is to be presented.

Course Aim of Personal Track Safety (PTS)
To instruct staff on correctly determining their responsibilities and duties when working on or Near the Line.

No Of Delegates Allowed for Personal Track Safety (PTS) Course
The MAXIMUM number of delegates permitted is 12 for the classroom sessions. For the practical session a maximum of 6 delegates can be taken ‘On or Near the Line’ by one trainer.

Objectives of Personal Track Safety (PTS) Course
At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

Demonstrate their ability to interpret correctly the Rule Book GE/RT 8000 Series or Personal Track Safety Handbook (TSH) and relevant local instructions when required to go ‘On or Near the Line’.
Demonstrate their understanding and ability to follow a Safe System of Work.
Delivery of Personal Track Safety (PTS) Course
The course will be presented by approved trainers in the classroom using appropriate visual aids and supplemented by the MANDATORY trackside visit and assessment.

Pre-Requisites of Personal Track Safety (PTS) Course
Candidates must meet the medical requirements detailed in the current issue of Network Rail Specification NR/L2/CTM/021 Competence & Training in Personal Track Safety Meet the requirements for a negative pre employment drugs screen detailed in the current issue of NR/L1/OHS/051: Drugs & Alcoholissue of NR/L1/OHS/051: Drugs and Alcohol

Duration of Personal Track Safety (PTS AC/DCCR) Course
The course duration is two days. Prior to attending the course the candidate must complete their Elearning, however we do offer this as an extra day on the course. On the second day you will have the MANDATORY track visit so suitable workwear and personal protective equipment should be worn, including safety footwear which you should bring with you if you have them.

Following successful completion of the course the candidates will be issued with a new sentinel card endorsed with the competence PTS (AC & DCCR), which will be valid for a period of two years.

For further information please contact us: 01443 303009

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