Medical – Drug/Alcohol testing

Absolute work in partnership with medical screening providers and our customers to ensure that we meet all of the requirements. Our services are fully compliant with Network Rail Competence Specific Medical Fitness Requirements and the Sentinel Rules. We are ‘Link-Up’ approved under the RISQS rail industry supplier scheme. Sentinel is Network Rail’s scheme for ensuring that people who work on or near the line are competent and medically fit. All those qualified in PTS, must hold a valid Sentinel competence card.

Types of Tests

  •  Pre-Sponsorship- promotion or on first transfer to a post which requires the holder to be qualified in Network Rail competences such as Personal Track Safety or is designated as a Safety Critical Work post(this additionally include all cases where the donor has a new sponsor and where the donor has a valid Competence Specific Medical Fitness Assessment certificate but requires proof that a Drug & Alcohol test has been passed within the last 12 months).
  •  Random – random testing for Drugs and Alcohol.
  •  For Cause – For cause testing for Drugs and Alcohol. Where there are grounds to suspect that an employee or contractor is unfit through drugs or alcohol following accidents or serious incidents or where a credible report or ‘tip off’ relating to a group of workers or a work location has been divulged and / or where there is evidence of drugs and alcohol consumption found on a work site within Network Rail premises.

Questions and Answers

What is Link-up ? 

‘Link-Up’ is the approved supplier scheme under Achilles. Only occupational health providers with Link-Up certification are authorised to undertake railway industry medicals.,

Why do I need a PTS medical?

PTS medicals are designed to ensure that those working on or around the railway line do not suffer from any medical conditions or taking any medication which could have implications to safety on the railway.

Who is a sponsor?

A sponsor is an employer registered with the Sentinel Scheme who takes responsibility for the training and assessment associated with the competences held by their employees. You must have a sponsor before you have a PTS medical otherwise your PTS certificate will be invalid.

What do I need to bring with me to a PTS medical?

You will need to bring photographic ID such as a passport, driving licence or current Sentinel card etc
You need to bring proof of your National Insurance card
You need to bring your spectacles (both reading and distance) if you wear them, even if you have contact lenses
You need a list of current prescribed medication plus any over the counter medications you have taken in the last 14 days.

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